September 16, 2021
Why People Fall Off

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It’s your boy Metaphysical Marc here aka Rev Marcus Brown.

I just want to come and talk to you guys just a little bit about moving forward in the progression of your life. We all start somewhere and when we start we start with others. When we finish we don’t always finish with those same people that we started with. This is the part of growth. It’s a part of life and it’s a part of experience. You have to be willing and able to experience new situations, new opportunities, new associations without the restraint of feeling bad that the people you started with are not there with you.

This is common in pretty much any type of industry where growth is met and happens. I’m in the music industry. You hear all the time about people that you start with flipping sides or not being there because when you move to another level things start to change and majority of the time the things that change are the things that around you, closely around you, because as you change you’re changing the very essence of yourself. So things you resonate with will not be things you resonate with moving forward. So things you used to do, ways you used to think people you used to hang out with and things you used to do. It’s all a part of growing.

That saying, that says, what does it say? When a man is grown he put down childish things. That is very saying goes hand in hand with exactly the understanding that separation is a part of growth, meaning separation from yourself from the old version of you. You cannot sit around the same people that you sat around with 20 years ago and think that you’re going to not repeat the same things you’ve been doing for 20 years because you will. Unless those people that you’ve known for 20 years have evolved and change in those 20 years and continue to grow. Then you can grow together but once someone else’s growth is hindering your own then you need to really evaluate what you are giving up for that person. Because you’re giving up yourself giving up your own experience and your own fulfillment of your own soul’s desire.

You reincarnated here yourself. You didn’t make a pact to reincarnate here with someone and have to struggle with them in the sense of taking on their burdens. You never said that. You never made that deal. You’re here to help and to assist but you’re not here to carry and to take on. So understanding the separation comes in times of change. It’s not a bad thing it’s a good thing it’s growth. You’re supposed to grow you’re supposed to move on to the next level. 8th grade didn’t look like 10th grade and 9th grade 5th grade and 6th grade. Because you’re moving you’re changing you’re evolving you’re growing.

So as you grow and as you change as you evolve so do your surroundings. So the people that you find sociable that you feel like interacting with, that you feel like you should be tied to, that will change too. Because now your mood has changed your likes your dislikes. You are more concrete with what you want out of life. This is the part of growth. It’s part of change. A healthy part of change. Do it with love. You don’t have to be like “I can’t stand you guys!” No just say “Hey, I love you all for where y’all at but I’m moving somewhere else so if you guys can’t respect that then hey, all love. We just can’t associate anymore but if you can respect that–all love. I talk to you when I talk to you it’s no hard feelings.” It’ s never hard feelings when it comes to growth because I want you to grow just as much as I am and vice versa because it’s all love.

So if you have anybody or any any type of situations that you no longer associate with it’s okay, it’s fine, it’s part a of growth, continue to move. Don’t feel bad for moving forward. Don’t feel bad for moving forward. Don’t feel bad for moving and leaving people that don’t want to move or leave themselves. You cannot sit there and have that guilt weigh you down because you had a decision just like everybody else around. You had a decision and that decision was to change and you made the moves to change. You took the steps,a you took the actions. Do not sit there and beat yourself up for that. Congratulate yourself for that! Because you did something that 85 percent of the people around you would not do. So don’t look at it as something you need to be guilty about. Be the example. Be the example. Continue to grow. Continue to show people that it’s possible and hopefully those same people that you left behind will understand and want to reach that same level that you reached in a loving place in an enduring place instead of a judgmental, you know, jealous way.

We don’t, we don’t want to hold any hate to anybody. We want love. We want to grow. so if I have to grow to show you that you can grow I’ll gladly do that. But never think I’m growing to shit on people. No. I don’t have anyone to shit on but the old version of myself. So that’s what I’m fighting against and competing against is myself. If you can’t tell every year I go harder against myself against my own self and what I am capable of doing. So for everybody else you just love dog. Just love.

I am an example of someone that came from the bottom that is poking his head out and moving his way through to maneuver to get to the top of my tier. I don’t care about being on top of the world. I don’t. I’m not trying to be in the world. I don’t care about that. I’m out here being on the top of my teir–the best version of me that I can be. So that’s what I’m doing and while I’m doing it I’m showing all these other people that have been or in the places that I’m at what it looks like to make it on the other side. That’s all.

So if you ever feel any type of way by anything that I post or anything like that, everything I say I’m just speaking my mind and speaking my truth like I’ve been doing for six years. So nothing’s changed. I’m just getting better. Being and becoming a better me every day ,every year. Growing, learning, and applying, and applying, and applying. Applying and then sharing and giving back to my community. To the kids. To the youth. To the elderly. To the sick. To the homeless. To the orphans. Everywhere I came from is what I’m doing now and giving back to. Talking to kids. Talking to people that’s in the struggle. Talking to people that’s enduring pain right now. Showing them the to love themselves. That is what I’m about. That’s what Metaphysical Marc is a metaphysician. I love people. I show people how to love themselves and to be better people. It’s what it’s all about.

So you know if that makes you feel like I’m not aligned with you or your path, that’s absolutely okay. I’m absolutely okay with growing and separating myself from old versions of myself. It’s absolutely fine. But if you can’t see what I’m doing or you can’t support what I’m doing then what’s the point of us even being associated. Because that’s just where I’m at with people. I don’t have to be associated with you just because I grew up with you. I grew up with a lot of people that don’t like me. Still love y’all, you know what I mean. I don’t have to I don’t have to no one has to so I don’t have to do anything. But like I said on my status half of the people that I tried to talk to years back were people I grew up with so I wanted to see the best for them because you always want to see the best for the people that you grew up with, correct?

So I just try to give back to my people man to people I grew up with that I see can literally use these tools and transfer and transform their whole entire mental. it’s a lot of people I see going through things that literally is your mental change the way that you’re looking at it you’ll be able to change the entire trajectory of how you’re approaching the situation. but if you can’t even change the way that you view in your mind then it’s no reason for me to even speak to you because you’re going to think that I’m trying to combat you and then you’re going to want to fight and then we’re going to be fighting and combating each other. I don’t want to fight you. I want to help you. I want to help you. you’re looking at a guy that went through homelessness by himself. that no one even knew about. but everybody was telling me how I’m a dead beat. well I’m homeless. but y’all know nothing that I was going through. but the point is I love y’all. I just want to help y’all. so the ones that’s open to help you know I’m always going to be here always never turn a blind eye especially to the people that I grew up with. but everybody else I don’t have to associate myself with you. I love the Mt. I’m always gonna be from the Mt. I’m always gonna be the Mt in my story I put on for the Mt. meaning that people know him from out Dora outside of MT. Dora which is the whole goal to get out of the hood.

So what I’m trying to do is just help people understand more ways to actually change their mind. To get out of the hood. To get out of the situation they’re in. To see more and to understand more. Change the outlook. You change the way you look at money. Change the way you look at poverty. Change where you look at wealth. Change all of these ways that you’re looking at things and then you would change your environment and you won’t be in the same place for 20 years.

I’m 27 years old, 27. You would think I was 35 years old. 27, 27 why? because I paid attention since I was seven to everything that was going on around me and realized what I did not want to experience based off of people’s experiences. So for the last three, four years I’ve been telling y’all–“Hey y’all better train y’all! Mentally train. Train this mind. Train this mind. You need to have to train your mind! Because knowledge is something they can’t take from you bro. Uou sharpen your mind then you sharpen your worth. Now you’re worth more because you know more. Build yourself up. Invest in yourself instead of going to go buy shoes and clothes and all this shit that depreciates. That literally you’re not gonna get anything back from. It’s just gonna sit in your closet. You’re gonna end up just selling it or giving it away. Why don’t you invest in yourself?

Why don’t you put the money back into yourself? Like I see a lot of people especially people my age young guys they want to get their CDLs, start their own trucking businesses. Because they invested in themselves. They understand this. They understand this. Invest in yourself. It’s a great investment! I’m just not about to go driving on trucks for a living that’s just me but great investment for somebody that you know wants that avenue to make more room for other things. It’s just not me. But I’d rather drive trucks for a living than to sell crack and put my life on the line and then say I’m taking care of my family then to be jeopardizing my family by being out in that world.

So it’s just other ways because a lot of people don’t know that there’s other ways. A lot of people in my own community don’t even know what reikI is. They don’t even know reiki is. They think that when I say reiki I’m the devil. They like legit people legit in my own community think I’m a devil because I talk about reiki. But if you look up reikI in the state of Florida where I’m from reikI is now a hands-on therapy legally. Because they understand what reikI is. If it was such a make believe this and this then science would not start to actually incorporate it because they’re actually seeing the benefits of it, energetically. Because everything’s energy and science tells you this so just because I understand something it’s not meaning that I’m the devil. Just because you don’t understand it it just means that you’re ignorant as hell! You won’t allow me to speak to you about it and open your mind to it because you’ve been stuck in the same mindset that has kept you in the same hood for 30, 40 years bruh! Generational.

Open up your minds man! Open up your mind! Expand! Expand! Use this to build this in your worth. So then when you go out you’re not sitting there devaluing what you’re worth for a dollar bill. Now you have leverage. You have leverage. I have leverage because I gained knowledge and understanding and put value into myself. So I’m a valuable individual based off of this. So I’m not going to cast my pearls in front of swine bro, gonna leverage my pearls to get the best out of what I had to go dig and excavate for.

So for anyone. Let me go see what y’all wrote on here. Because I just be talking. Yes it’s definitely a season of reaping. Definitely the season of reaping and Yes I am only 27 years old. I don’t believe it sometimes myself, but yeah! It’s definitely definitely a season it’s definitely a season for for for accepting the work you’ve put in man and not feeling bad for it. Everybody had this time. Everybody had this knowledge. It was there and majority of people were talking about it for years. You don’t have to feel bad for being ahead of the curve. Just now you just have to help the curve. Curve. It’s pretty much all it is. But don’t feel bad for it. Don’t feel like that you you’re missing out. I don’t feel like that these people have to make you feel the type of way because of this and this. No man! Your people out there and go find them. Your people out there go find them! yo people out there go find them!

Love man, peace.

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